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Cp Bazzzman - Million Pound Contract

Cp Bazzzman - Million Pound Contract ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Cp Bazzzman - Million Pound Contract has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Fun.

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Some about music (ringtones):

URMULI - an old Georgian arabic song. Performed by a charioteer riding a cart. For U. lyric are typical. character, alternating recitative with a widely developed and richly ornamented melody. Begins in a high register, then a downward melodic. movement leads to a half or full cadence on the main. the mouth. When you move to the next stanza, an upward jump is formed in the melody, usually to a small or large septima. U. is distinguished by a free rhythmic. organization corresponding to the text, ch. arr. improvised. The improvisation of the entire warehouse and performance of U. led to the formation of decomp. variants of these songs. The fret base of W. is diverse. U. are widespread in the Aeolian, Phrygian, Dorian frets, and pentatonic frets are also found; a characteristic feature of W. is modal variability. U. are included in many. cargo collections. Narsongs [Arakchiev D. I. (Arakishvili), Georgian folk music, M., 1916, p. 55; Chkhikvadze Gr., Georgian folk song, vol. 1, Tb., 1960, p. 93 et ​​al.].

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