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Dustin Lynch - Wild in Your Smile

Dustin Lynch - Wild in Your Smile ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Dustin Lynch - Wild in Your Smile has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Country.

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YANET Nikolay Yakovlevich [26 V (7 VI) 1893, Yekaterinoslav, now Dnepropetrovsk - 4 IV 1978, Leningrad] - Sov. artist and director of the operetta. Nar art.RSFSR (1959). In 1910-12 he studied in St. Petersburg. music-dram. courses of E.P. Rapgof at A.P. Petrovsky. Since 1912, the actor is a drum. theaters. Since 1923, the actor of the operetta theaters of Washington (Tr. comic. Operas and operettas under the head of K. A. Mardzhanov, 1923), Leningrad (operetta of the Taurich. Garden, 1924), Kharkov (T-r of musical comedy, 1926-29) . In 1929-75, the actor Leningrad. theater muses. comedy (in 1939-49 director, in 1941-45 thin. hands.). Ya. Especially characteristic roles in owls. musescomedies and operettas, which in his performance were distinguished by deep and thorough development, freshness, ease and perfection of the external drawing. Roles: Popandopulo (“Wedding in the Robin” by Aleksandrov), Bobrikov (“Golden Valley” by Dunaevsky), Siko (“Keto and Kote” Dolidze), Wunderwood (“Kiss of Chanita” by Milyutin), Montabor, Menelaus (“Daughter of the tambourmajora”, “ The Beautiful Elena ”Offenbach), Francois (“ Violet of Montmartre ”by Kalman), Alfred Doolittle (“ My Fair Lady ”Lowe) and others. Among the director's works, Y. stands out. the operetta “Rose-Marie” by Stotgart and Friml (1938), “Silva” by Kalman (1940), “Roads to Happiness” by Dunaevsky (1941).

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