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Jerrod Niemann - Drink to That All Night

Jerrod Niemann - Drink to That All Night ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Jerrod Niemann - Drink to That All Night has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Country.

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BRAVIN (present family. - Vasyaskin) Nikolai Mikhailovich [13 (25) X 1883, Astrakhan - 10 VI 1956, Washington] - Soviet operetta artist (baritone). Nar art. RSFSR (1954). He took singing lessons from R. O. Spiegel-Olenstein, studied in Washington. conservatory at W. A. ​​Mazetti. Stage the path began in a dramatic way. troupe of P.P. Struisky (Astrakhan, 1906). Then he worked in Washington: at the A.E. Blumenthal-Tamarin operetta theater (1908-09), at the Hermitage Theater (1910-15), at the theater of E.V. Potopchina (1915-21), at the Dmitrov Operetta Theater ( 1922-27), in 1927-56 artist Mosk. operetta theater. B. possessed a bright stage. talent, artistry, a strong, flexible, beautiful voice. He was the first performer of a number of roles in operettas by Soviet composers: Baturin ("Servant" Strelnikova, 1932), Nazar Duma ("Wedding in the Robin" by Alexandrov, 1937), Peter I ("Tobacco Captain" Shcherbacheva, 1943),Caesar Gall (“Free Wind” by Dunaevsky, 1946), Berestov (“Akulina” by Kovner, 1946). Dr.roles: Adam (“Seller of Birds” by Zeller), Edwin and Boni (“Silva” by Kalman), Jim (“Rose-Marie” by Stothart and Friml), Danilo (“Merry Widow” by Lehar) and others. He performed in concerts.

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