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Carters Chord - Over You

Carters Chord - Over You ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Carters Chord - Over You has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Country.

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Some about music (ringtones):

BOLIVIAN MUSIC. Muses Bolivian art is represented by the music of the indigenous people of the country - Indians, as well as the music of Creoles. Native American Muses. folklore is original and diverse. Lyrics are common. song genres: bagual, yaravi, saw, huank. Instrumental tunes accompanying dancing are also popular - waino, wainito. Native American music on pentatonic, and all 5 of its species are used. For songs, dances, dicotyledon is typical. Native American music is rhythmic. certainty (there are their own rhythmic formulas), a clear structure of morphogenesis. In the Indian music. Folklore distinguishes between two distinctive strata: the music of mountain residents, restrained in character, several. severe, and the music of the inhabitants of the flat part of the country is more cheerful. The toolkit of the Indians is rich. Counted st. 20 types of perfume. toolsamong them - kena (a longitudinal flute, which has from 2 to 6 holes, is made more often from reed and animal bones), tarka (longitudinal flute, differs from ken in size, timbre), erke (large pipe, its length reaches 3 m), sicus (in Ajmara Ajmara; antara in Ya. Quechua; Pan's flute type, usually two-row, the number of tubes varies from 6 to 20, size - from miniature to 1.5 m). There are all kinds of drums from percussion - Putuka, Whanar, Tintaya, etc. Penetration of Indian string music. tools promoted by the Spaniards. The music is sore. Creoles (common to all Creoles of South America) developed under the influence of the Spanish. music. Creole dances are popular in Bolivia - samakueka (kueka), gato, and mariner. Lyrics are widely known from song genres. songs: yaravi (original, different from the Native American of the same name), three hundred, etc.The Creole's favorite musical instrument is the guitar (6-string, Spanish). There are also a diatonic harp and a charango (a rural guitar with 5 double strings and a tuning other than an ordinary guitar).

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