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Roy Walker - Say What You See

Roy Walker - Say What You See ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Roy Walker - Say What You See has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Celebrity Tones.

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ABSIL (Absil) Jean (b. 23 X 1893, Peruwels, Prov. Hainaut) is a Belgian composer. Ch. Korolev. Academy of Belgium (1962). He graduated from the Brussels Conservatory. Improved in composition by P. Gilsson. Since 1931, professor at the Brussels Conservatory. Since 1923 he headed the Academy of Music in Etterbeck (a suburb of Brussels). One of the organizers of the association of composers "Siren" (1936) and the magazine "Revue internationale de musique" (1938). He performed as an organist. His music, complex in texture (especially its original rhythmic structure), absorbed the decomp. elements of modern musescreativity (I. F. Stravinsky, P. Hindemith, B. Bartok). However, these influences are embodied in A. 's music in its original form; it is distinguished by its original content. The best productions. written by him for camera instr. ensemble (the 2nd string quartet and fp. trio stand out).

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