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Incubus - Stellar

Incubus - Stellar ringtone - download to call phone absolutely free. This is a new ringtone for your device (phone, tablet). Ringtone Incubus - Stellar has weight just about 400 kilobytes and relate to the genre Heavy Metal.

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Some about music (ringtones):

In my free time - and I have a lot of free time - I prefer to stay at home, precisely because of fear, now how, now, how would you explain this? It’s like something oppresses me, I feel suffocation, an insane fear of this arrangement, similar to claustrophobia, a neurosis of a strong position - and it is because of the double bass. For the double bass player cannot be a free artist. Where have you seen this? Playing the double bass, you remain an official all your life. Even our chief conductor does not have that kind of social certainty. Our chief conductor has a five-year contract. And if they do not extend it to him, he will fly out. At least theoretically. Or take a director. The director is omnipotent - but he can fly out too. Our director - let me give you an example - will fly out if he puts on the Henze opera. Not immediately, but with time, for sure. Because Hentze is a communist, and the state theater is not for this. Or, let's say, some kind of political intrigue ...

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